We have provided firearms training, including concealed carry, to thousands of students for more than 14 years in the tri-state area. Our instructors include NRA Certified Pistol Instructors or OPOTA certified they teach all concealed carry classes, a police officer, military, educator and a professional shotgun instructor. 

Answers to frequently asked questions below. You can also text us at (513) 252-4808 or email info@cinciccw.com

Does taking the Concealed Carry class get me my Concealed Handgun License? This class fulfills all requirements for the training required to apply for an Ohio Concealed Handgun License.

What should I bring? A notebook, a pen, your gun (if you have one), ammo, eye/ear protection for the range (if you have it, if not we'll supply). LEAVE YOUR GUNS/AMMO IN YOUR CAR DURING THE CLASSROOM. If you are shooting your own gun, bring 30 rounds of ammo, if you’re a new shooter bring 50rds of 38 special or 9mm Luger.  We’ll have guns chambered for 22LR, 38 special, 9mm, 357 magnum. Also, be sure to separate ammo and guns (ammo/magazine in the cab, gun in the trunk locked in a separate case). 

What should I wear? Dress appropriate for a covered outdoor shooting and for the weather, fans and heaters available. 

Do I have to bring targets? We supply targets.  

Are you qualified to teach the class? All pistol instructors are NRA or OPOTC certified and have taught hundreds of classes, license will be displayed.

Where is the class held? Camp Friedlander in Loveland.

Can I bring someone with me? All students must be registered so we can have an appropriate level of 1-on-1 time. 

Will it really take 8 hours for an Ohio concealed carry license? Yes required by State. There will be breaks.

What if I have a physical disability? Please notify your instructor if you have special needs some walking and the use of a few stairs is required. 

Weren't you guys known as Advanced Shooting? Yes. We just adjusted our website so it was clear what we do. 

How do I pay? Paypal, Credit Card or debit through PayPal you choose pay in full $25 deposit, remainder due day of class.