Ohio or Florida (non-resident) CCW Certification one class either License you choose

$75 or 2 for $140 (Mason no range fees) 

CCW Classes - Mason or Waynesville/Xenia/Dayton areas



Don't get stuck in a class with 100+ people or with instructors who don't keep themselves current! Our classes are small, our prices are low, our instructors are NRA or OPOTA certified with a combined 30+ years of training experience law enforcement/higher education/military. One day 8 hour class that exceeds the requirements for your licensing.

Classes held in Mason. Click here for details.

**Many changes effective 3/21/17 Senate bill 199 and the cost of initial license for those who haven't lived in Ohio going down from $91 to $77 we keep you informed!

Florida lowers their non-resident license for first timers from $112 to $102 (7 year license)



Our NRA and OPOTA Instructors have taught thousands of students. Learn how to safely own, use/store, shoot and carry a firearm. Offering concealed carry and rifle, shotgun and pistol training at very competitive rates. 

We are a local mostly family group who live and work in the Loveland, Centerville & Mason areas

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 (513) 549-4045 (Text or Leave VM) or email info@cinciccw.com

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