NRA firearms & Concealed Carry training ($75 CCW or CHL)

(many instructors charge $125 for this Class or more)



Our training you get your Florida non-resident, Ohio or both all for the same low cost. Our Certifications, Licensing and Experience is no different or better we just don't charge those large fees like the franchised ranges even our everyday 10+ year price is a much less then their so called specials or Coupon price we also don't charge you for firearm rental, targets or ear and eye protection which can be $40+.

Class held in Mason/Loveland public location, attending 8 hour class certifies you for a Florida non-resident concealed carry license (carry legally 32 states as an Ohio resident with a FL license). Ohio concealed carry license, (total 12 hours until March 2015 no add'l fee). You can pay safely through Paypal/Credit Card details and a link will be sent to you.

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Our family has taught thousands for 10+ years,  instructors NRA or OPOTA certified/licensed, active Police, Military or Educators. We teach you how to safely own, use/store, shoot and carry a firearm. Offering concealed carry and rifle, shotgun and pistol training at very competitive rates. 

Also known as: same guys just updated website.

**Breaking News**  Ohio Governor John Kasich signs in new legislation HB234 on 12/19/2014 but it will not go into effect until 90 days 3/23/15.  I just was instructed (1/29/15) anyone who takes a class before 3/23/15 now has an option, you can take the 8 hour class now for Ohio but you can't apply until 3/23/15 certificate will be marked or you can apply for your non-resident Florida without waiting.

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Other Information:

If you or a family member lives in IN or KY we are close call me and get your Florida non-resident license it will cover you in 32 states including Ohio!

Refresher Course ($40): For those getting their Ohio or Florida license renewed we offer a refresher can be what you feel you need all or part of a class.

We have more than 1,000 endorsements from former students for our training from Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter and class evaluations.