NRA firearms and Concealed Carry training.



Class held in Mason/Loveland area, attending (8 hour class) certifies you for a Florida non-resident concealed carry license (carry legally 32 states as an Ohio resident with a FL license). Ohio concealed carry license, attend two dates (total 12 hours no add'l fee). Public CCW classes are ($80) starting 5/3/14 if you pay the day of the class or save $5 ($75) you pay safely through Paypal/Credit Card upon registering, details and a link will be sent to you.

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Our family has taught thousands for 10 years,  instructors are 10 year NRA certified/licensed, Active Police and or Military. We teach you how to safely own, use and carry a firearm. Offering concealed carry and rifle, shotgun and pistol training at very competitive rates. 


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