Ohio or Florida (non-resident) CCW Certification one class either license

Loveland - $65 or two for $125

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All classes and range are held in Loveland at Camp Freidlander Boy Scout camp



Don't get stuck in a class with people that cancel classes last minute or with instructors who don't keep themselves current!

Our classes are smaller, our prices are low, our instructors certified and licensed with a combined 50+ years of training experience with law enforcement/higher education/military. One day 8 hour class that exceeds the requirements for your licensing.

All classes and range held in Loveland at Camp Freidlander Boy Scout camp.







Our NRA and OPOTA Instructors have taught thousands of students. Learn how to safely own, use, store, shoot and carry a firearm. Offering concealed carry and rifle, shotgun and pistol training at very competitive rates. 

We are a local family group who live and work in the Loveland and Maineville areas.



 (513) 252-4808 or 513-549-4045 (Call, Text or Leave VM) or email info@cinciccw.com

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